Episode 10 - The Psychic

The Binder can see into Roxy, Dan, and Dean's future and it ain't pretty because it contained The Psychic, a 2005 supernatural cop drama.

Transcript available soon.

Goo Grade

0 / 5

Rating (Casper Van Dien Flash Forwards)

Roxy - 2.5 / 5

Dean - 2.5 / 5

Dan - 2.5 / 5

The Psychic is a 2005 supernatural cop drama directed by Jonas Quastel and starring Casper Van Dien. It is not available to rent or stream anywhere.

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Twitter Short Story

You’re sitting down after a long week’s work. You went through a lot and you want to take a quick nap, when a head-splitting pain courses through you.

Your mind gives you images, caked in hazy blue tones. The images: three podcast hosts sitting around, drinking coffee. A square-jawed man on the television set. He hangs out of the side of a van and falls into some garbage.

Another image hits your mind - a DVD binder sitting on the coffee table. You focus, trying to turn the pages of the binder but you’re not strong enough to peer closer. Something tells you you wouldn’t want to see what was inside.

You snap out of it - your immediate surroundings returning to full clarity. This can’t be, you think to yourself. A vision? Was that the future? You rush over to your phone and call up your friend.

“I can’t help you,” they say. “I was checking on my chickens…” You curse at them. “But boats need to be on water," you say. You don't know why. What are you taaaaalking about?

You head over to the internet. The good old internet. You search “BINDER.” There are zero results. That’s impossible… you’re pretty sure “Binder” is a real word.

Then, as soon as you decide to give up on your search, the room goes dark. A blinding purple page appears on your computer as you hear the words "WARNING. COBALT IS IN THIS EPISODE."

Now, you think, your questions will yield answers. You listen to the three voices discuss The Binder, and the Psychic. You get some closure...

...but you still can't sleep. Another headache creeps up over you. Another flash of blue. You think you see... Charlie Sheen?

You see Jon Favreau, lying in the desert. You see low-budget pirates. You see a familiar face from the Binder, but this time they're in a spaceship. You see James Spader ready for battle. What is going on?!

Your visions subside... for now. This journey is not over. Not by a long shot. You listen to the podcast hosts and you trust them to guide you through the Binder. They're your only hope.

Written by Dean. Originally posted on Twitter on May 18th, 2019.