Episode 9 - The Last Sign

The Binder doesn't let us cope with The Last Sign, a 2005 supernatural drama.

Transcript available soon.

Goo Grade


Rating (Tim Roths)

Roxy - 1 / 5

Dean - 1 / 5

Dan - 1 / 5

The Last Sign is a 2005 Canadian supernatural drama directed by Douglas Law and starring Andie MacDowell and Tim Roth. It is not available to stream or rent anywhere.


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Twitter Short Story

You snap out of a daze, eyes glassy, brow furrowed. Around you, your family asks if you’re okay. Concern hangs heavy on their faces. You assure them everything is fine, but the thing gnawing at the edge of your vision doesn’t allow for much conviction.

You try to ease back into the pace of life, eager to move forward. You get into your car to go to work, trying not to focus on any one thing in particular. You are afraid of what you may see.

Waiting at a stop light, it happens again. The world stops moving, as though encased in amber. Time becomes fluid, your past and present no longer distinct. 3 co-hosts appear before you, walking across the street in front of you, walking the same path they’ve walked before.

You are walking with them, as you know you’ve walked with them before. A honk blares. You snap out of it, but your perplexed expression is eternal. You drive through the now green light. You arrive at work.

An all too familiar face walks through the doorway into your workspace. They greet you as they seemingly do every day, pleasant but off-putting. You are cordial, but it means nothing.

The conversation you dread has begun anew: one of three co-hosts, whose voices call out to you across the vast gulf of time and space. They want you to listen.

You brush off your acquaintance, but their words are stuck like daggers in your mind. You need to focus on your work, on your family, on getting on with your life. This person speaks of spectres of the past, and you want to focus on the now.

You travel home, tired. When you arrive, more work awaits. You make dinner. You wash the dishes. As you scrub, you stare at your reflection in the glass in front of you.

From behind you, 3 co-hosts walk towards you. They talk of movies, of binders, of goo grades. Memories you keep ever on the horizon threaten to flood back.

Your trance is broken by one of your family members. Your perplexed expression is commonplace to them now. They strike up conversation with you, and you are happy to hear it.

They ask about the new podcast you’ve been listening to, the one you seem to be enjoying. The one that doesn’t sound of dumbass, that doesn’t speak of monsters or ghouls, that doesn’t speak of the 96.

You like this new podcast. It treats you fair, it treats you right. But something gnaws at the edge of your vision. Time becomes irrelevant again. Past becomes present.

You see yourself as you were before: headphones in, listening to It Came From A Basement. You are listening to them now.

Written by Dan. Originally posted on Twitter on May 12th, 2019.