[theme song begins, plays for a few seconds, then fades slightly away…]

DEAN: Discovered in a nasty basement, The Binder holds 96 discs of mystery. Unfortunately for us, we’ve become supernaturally enamored by the movies it contains within.

DAN: Each week, we take a look at the next disc in order through the binder. The Binder choses the disc, The Binder is all-powerful.

ROXY: We review the contents of the disc, dive into a discussion on the media it contains, and hopefully come out on the other side with knowledge, wisdom, and no headaches.

DEAN: Join us; Dean…

ROXY: Roxy…

DAN: And Dan…

DEAN: In the journey through the labyrinthine folds of The Binder in:

ALL: It Came From A Basement!

[theme fades back in as it ends]

[silly ghost noises and laughter]